10 More Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

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Several years ago I did a post very similar to this one (hence this one called 10 MORE things).  I thought since a lot has happened since then it was high time to do it again! #1 I am a very cheap date.  i.e. I cannot hold my booze at all.  A couple White Claws and I am under the… Read more »

The B Side

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I have said quite a few times that raising kittens was not on my list of things to do this summer.  Most people just laugh.  However, one person replied in a way that got me thinking.  She said “Oh, so were you going to run a marathon?  Build a bridge?  And now you can’t?”. I need to make it clear… Read more »

Get the (#&^@ Vaccine Already!

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Seriously people.  Just do it. Unless you are under the age of 18, or been advised by an actual board certified medical doctor that you shouldn’t get the vaccine, there is NO EXCUSE to not be vaccinated against COVID by now.  None.  Zero. Nadda. No, I’m not interested in reading some article you found online about 5G or mind control. … Read more »

International Strange Music Day

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Today is International Strange Music Day! Originally proposed by musician Patrick Gray as a way to promote his own music, the stated purpose of the day is to “expose people, without prejudice, to music that they are unfamiliar with”. So, “strange” doesn’t have to mean “really weird”- although it certainly can!  It can also simply mean “something I’ve never heard… Read more »